23 May 2016

I sang a hymn to bring me peace

Untitled "Happy" - Marina and the Diamonds
all the sadness inside me, melted away like I was free.

This semester was when I truly felt most stable--emotionally. In the past, the future just seemed too daunting which resulted to me being so fixated in what's going to happen in the future. I was out of touch with reality and everything that's happening in the present seemed to only matter because it is going to affect my future. This semester, I finally came to a resolution of accepting living in the present.  Throughout the years in college, everything just seemed to blur to a futile effort of trying to be successful to the point in which I really was disillusioned about what "success" really meant. 
This semester, I was able to start it with a renewal of my future goal, yet still keeping myself away from obsessing over what WILL happen. I enjoyed every single course I took this semester and really all the assignments I did personally mattered to me.  I had the best experience of learning more about my culture, other people's culture, working in a collaborative leadership group, and truly seeing the most important side of nursing-- establishing human connection. 
I am hoping the future semesters will be like this one. For now, I am excited for what the summer will bring. 

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