13 July 2015

memory lane

IMG_5410 i have had too much time recently to go down memory lane... back to old animes... dramas... social media profiles. time has gone by too fast and i have changed so much. it's quite amusing, as well as exhilarating to have tangible portrayal of me over 5 years ago. i'm trying to hold on to 2007 like a thread that's going to fly away in the air from a sweater, but it's slipping. i'm looking for a brake somewhere to stop this whirlwind of time by holding onto things i did in the past, but it is not working. letting go and plunging forward into adulthood is harder than I want it to be.

26 May 2015

self portrait: a college student

2nd year of college came and went. this past semester has been quite rough and has been filled with first times-- both good and bad.  first semester in nursing. first breakdown. first patient. first failed test. first time almost losing my ideal gpa. first time being so disappointed. first time being chill about finals. first time talking to the homeless-- and first time loving it. first time getting an internship. first time being asked for a contact. first time saying "i'm sorry, no." first time studying from morning till the next early morning. first time being incredibly exhausted. and first time feeling like a real adult.