30 June 2014

DIY: recycling old clothes - trumpet skirt

this lovely leather skirt is a very quintessential find from thrift stores. so obviously i had to revamp it.
i have been seeing pencil skirts with ruffled hems = aka trumpet skirts. the one above is the Lanvin Floral Lace trumpet Skirt. It is a very classic silhouette that I have adopted in my wardrobe recently because of this DIY.
I like to think that I have been exhibiting signs that I am growing up in my style for I have an unusual attraction with pencil/ midi skirts, paired with pointy-toed stilettos.
also, I really just winged it when I created this skirt. i did not use any patterns, just common sense so evidently it is not in the condition of perfect.
hopefully this has inspired you to do some sewing spontaneously!
1. cut it to your desired length-- just the back. then cut the front part shorter-- to where you want the ruffles to start.
 (this skirt only has ruffled hems in the front-- so party in the front, business in the back)
2. make sure to keep all your trimmings!!!
3. cut your trimmings to the length x. (x is the difference between the length of the back and the length of the front.
4. sew the ruffles on...have fun!

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  1. This is such a great tutorial! Thanks for the tips!


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