04 June 2014


Upon going to the Art Rave, I had so many questions that no one actually could answer. I obviously (because I am me) tried to research answers-- stalking the forum in Gaga Daily.
Now, after the concert, solely staking forums -- I learned-- is not exactly the best idea.
Regardless, here is a survival guide-- or more like answering some of my own questions before through the knowledge that hindsight has enlightened me with.

1. How do I get to the Monster Pit?

 UNLIKE the Born This Way Ball that I attended last year, there is NO Monster Pit. Many of you may know this, if you happen to be a gaga fan. However, I genuinely thought there would be one because Gaga's previous concerts had one--also I was really upset that I wasn't able to get into the monster pit last year (so I instinctively made this the goal for this year).
So, there's no Monster Pit.
It's all one huge Mosh Pit for all the people that have GA (general admission tickets) and the ones with the Little Monster Zone package (GA tickets, with EARLY admission, exclusive merchandise items--one of them I think are the bubble guns, laminated Lady gaga collectible).

2. So since there's no Monster Pit, how do I get to the front?

The situation:
The answer to this is definitely influenced by certain variables-- one of them being the time in which you line up.
Many venues do not allow people to camp out on the site, but luckily, the SAP center in San Jose had a park right beside it, so many people camped out starting on Sunday evening (the concert was Tuesday). They ( the people who camped out) also created a number system in which they wrote numbers in succession (by sharpie) on their hands so they can just line up with numbers ascending when that time of lining up comes.
So Since there's no Monster Pit, the GA rules say that they will be distributing wristbands at 3pm on Tuesday-- the day of the concert.
ALSO, unlike the Born This Way Ball, The wristbands didn't have numbers.
First the number system (created by the campers) backfired just a little bit because the only thing that mattered was the time in which you actually physically put yourself in the vicinity of the venue.
Second, since the wrist bands have no numbers, you couldn't leave and maybe grab some food with your friends. no. they require you to stay put in the line. SAP center, we are humans too, WE NEED WATER, FOOD AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST DRESS UP FOR THE BALL.
I lined up with the idea that we will get numbers, so we went there at noon expecting that they would distributed the wristband earlier than 3, and then we can leave and dress up. BUT NO. we stayed there until about 4:30pm trying to get our wristbands, then had to take turns in going back and dressing up. well, luckily the people around us lining up were really really nice.( i love you guys!)
this also meant that we didnt even have time to visit the Born Brave Bus. I didn't get to do that last year either. :(

In conclusion:
This experience showed how disorganized the venue management (SAP CENTER OF SAN JOSE CA) was. Also how inconvenient the
whole thing with the wristbands was ( I mean come on. This is America. We cherish customer service and convenience.) Also, how inconsiderate the situation was (We cannot starve, people have the most fun if their basic needs are fulfilled. Come ON, this is explained by Maslow's hierarchy of needs.)

SO, I have ranted a little bit....HOW DO I GET TO THE FRONT?!
As I said earlier, we lined up at 12. AND WE WERE IN THE FRONT. well, there were about 2 rows of people in front of me then the stage, but it still was the front! also if you have the little monster zone package, IT IS GUARANTEED that you will be in the front. all the people surrounding us has the package and the plus was that they didn't have to line up so early.

3. Where is the best place to stand?!
the stage for ART RAVE is a little cray.
I warned you.

Main stage in the front. this is where all the best choreographed performances are. not all the songs in art pop are choreographed intensely, so most of the best songs in artpop (GUY, VENUS--like the pic above, Do what you want, Gypsy, etc. --I dont remember the other songs--) are performed in the very oddly shaped runway.
the runway, as you can see rises above the people. THANK YOU for this. it makes watching the performance easier. (SEE. this is a great example of keeping the idea of convenience in design).
As you can see there's the little stage where the piano is at. (by the way, hint, hint, she may pick out a couple of people around that area to go up the stage with her and even take you backstage. she did that in san jose.)
I was in front of the main stage, so I didn't see her performance with the piano, and could barely see her performance in the runway. ---also maybe it was because I am really short. BUT I had a GREAT view of choreographed dances in the main stage.

anyway if you want the best of both worlds--as in seeing her perform on main stage--maybe not as clearly-- and seeing her performance on the runway and the two other little stages,

THESE sections of the stage are where you should aim for.

how do you get there in the front? line up early OR buy the little monster package.

4. How do I go Backstage to see Gaga?

Gaga choose people randomly.
 This guy had a sign saying "Best Birthday Ever" and Gaga sang him a birthday song and invited him backstage. Then, there was this guy in front of us who threw her a little bird plush where she saw a little not stuck to the bird and read it out loud. It was a very nice and intimate letter on how much Gaga helped him get through life in general and she invited him backstage. Then she randomly picked these two girls to sit with her by the piano and I think she invited them backstage too. Also, I saw this girl in twitter in which she say Taylor Kinney (Gaga's boyfriend went to the San Jose show) and took a picture with him, and he took her backstage to Gaga.
SO the probability of going backstage is the same as the probability of Professor Trelawney giving the right sand serious prophecy in the Harry Potter books.

BUT if you want a guaranteed entry backstage, buy the ART POP ZONE package. if you do decide this, it is quite expensive. and if you want someone to go with you, but me a ticket! I will voluntarily go! :)

5. More complaints.
Aside from the disorganization that is in this tour, I do have more complaints.

First of all we are in the state of California, in which use of marijuana is widely illegal (of course there are exceptions), and also, I do know that this concert is Lady Gaga -so many people are drug users (to put it simply)-BUT why are teenagers or even generally adults lined up outside the venue SMOKING MARIJUANA so casually.
 I'm not trying to say they shouldn't just because it's illegal. I'm trying to say they shouldn't because they are in public; therefore, they should respect the people around them that do not enjoy the smell and the smoke that are enveloping them.
Not everyone can handle the thick smoke coming out from your mouth and noses. This is why many public places made smoking illegal around their vicinity. It is because the smoke itself can pose a dramatic health risk to many people.
AND EVEN MORE the SAP center is supposed to be smoke-free. so why is this not being enforced?
even in the concert, people are smoking marijuana.
one more thing, I politely asked this girl "can you please stop smoking?" during the concert.
and what happened? she smoke even more, and blew more smoke in front of us. I understand you like it so much, but this is a deliberate action of rudeness. thank you very much for being rude and showing a real side of your attitude, girl with the famous mickey-mouse gaga sunglasses. thank you.
last year-- i literally almost collapsed ( sitting down on the floor during marry the night...i'm so sad.) because of the smoke. I couldn't handle it.
you may be really mad at me now, and say "why don't you freaking sit you a** up in the stands and buy those tickets and not the GA?"

you're right. but you are missing the point here.

why do we, as a society, like to overlook things that propose a threat (in my opinion a very menial one) instead of sticking up for what is right--that is being considerate of the people around you and politely presenting this to those people?  why?
why are people brought up into this age as being deliberately inconsiderate?
why are we so focused on the pleasures that we feed ourselves constantly to the point of being inconsiderate?
--the guards of the SAP center did not care about their smoking policies, smokers did not care about the general public, everyone did nothing and are basically sticking on the mindset of "mind your own business"
Are you all always just going to be observers? or not even that. are you just going to turn a blind eye on this and be a bystander?

Regardless, I really hope the SAP center actually has a designated smoking area, and that whenever marijuana smokers would light up their joints, please try to think of the people around you. please. I wanted to enjoy the concert as much as you do.

a mask did not help.

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