22 May 2014

queen of midi skirts


Blaire of the blog Atlantic Pacific is, I declare, the QUEEN of Midi Skirts.

She is recently my new favorite blogger, as indicated by my initiative to paint something inspired by her. Her style and fashion are so lady-like and, unlike other fashion bloggers, she has her own distinct style which shows in every outfit that she wears-- plus she doesn't just follow the 90s trend that's currently taking over the fashion world without putting her own twist at it. After stalking her instagram and blog archives, I absolutely am utterly jealous of how she can work those midi skirts.
If I wear these I know I would look like a short, stubby little asian girl, swallowed up by a full skirt (instead of a midi skirt).

Nonetheless, if I really love this trend of Midi skirts, I can care less to what I would look like in it and just wear it. Of course, the newfound love for this trend calls for a quick trip at the thrift store, because -let's be real- these skirts that are worn by Blaire cost the same as my books for college. So, I need to sort out my priorities first--books.

obsessed with stripes, midi skirt-- and why not striped midi skirts.

I dare you to lurk around her instagram page, then tell me how much you don't love her looks.

the following pictures are from Blaire's instagram and blog. she embodies Lady Gaga's song "Fashion!" from Artpop


  1. Midi skirts are a favorite of mine right now. They're so ladylike and elegant! Love these photos

  2. love it :)



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