20 May 2014

cutest bikes... PUBLIC bikes

as all of you may notice in the future outfit posts of mine...I will be on a bike.
biking is just so much better than walking.
In my university, I am  probably known as the girl who bikes around in very (to be honest) unconventional biking/workout/college clothes...it's not that I don't wear t-shirts with yoga pants to college. it's true I don't. but it's not because I discriminate against these articles of clothing, rather, it's because I do not have the courage to wear them. plus dressing up is really fun.

anyway back to bikes. these are some bikes that I would love to have in the future when I won't be leaving my bike outside the dorms in which there is a very high probability of it being stolen...I am just in love with these Public bikes, and  I am really doing this out of pure pure love of their design and the chicness that comes with the brand. plus they are from San Francisco... my absolute favorite American city.

Also if you don't fancy breaking a sweat while biking... these are just perfect...

regardless, I would just like to conclude how bikes are the perfect accessory (both practical and attractive) to any outfit all year round. I am honestly very jealous of people who bike in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

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  1. Those bikes are really cute :) I haven't owned a bike in years, but I've been tempted to get one lately. Thanks for sharing these!

    xo Azu



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