25 May 2014


i wanna be your G.U.Y.
in honor of how close Lady gaga's concert is in San Jose, I was inspired to have a picture that's a little bit a reminiscent of this still shot from GUY's music video.
sorry... but good enough right? all white outfit, with a background of flowers...
Regardless, this outfit was actually inspired of how I need to wear my scalloped sequined white skirt, and I realized that as I was browsing through Nasty Gal's sale section and saw this exact same skirt. I didnt get it there, but as an alternative, it is in Nasty Gal, on sale for $15! also you will notice my prada (inspired) platform oxford shoes, which is my sister's actually...

22 May 2014

queen of midi skirts


Blaire of the blog Atlantic Pacific is, I declare, the QUEEN of Midi Skirts.

She is recently my new favorite blogger, as indicated by my initiative to paint something inspired by her. Her style and fashion are so lady-like and, unlike other fashion bloggers, she has her own distinct style which shows in every outfit that she wears-- plus she doesn't just follow the 90s trend that's currently taking over the fashion world without putting her own twist at it. After stalking her instagram and blog archives, I absolutely am utterly jealous of how she can work those midi skirts.
If I wear these I know I would look like a short, stubby little asian girl, swallowed up by a full skirt (instead of a midi skirt).

Nonetheless, if I really love this trend of Midi skirts, I can care less to what I would look like in it and just wear it. Of course, the newfound love for this trend calls for a quick trip at the thrift store, because -let's be real- these skirts that are worn by Blaire cost the same as my books for college. So, I need to sort out my priorities first--books.

obsessed with stripes, midi skirt-- and why not striped midi skirts.

I dare you to lurk around her instagram page, then tell me how much you don't love her looks.

the following pictures are from Blaire's instagram and blog. she embodies Lady Gaga's song "Fashion!" from Artpop

21 May 2014

the cold came back...

In celebration of the colder weather that has swept across northern california, I am posting pictures from fall semester, when the weather was quite similar to today's.
so, the reason for this post is justified well enough right?

regardless, I would like to emphasize -once again- I had too much free time during the fall semester, since this spring semester that just ended was filled with long days indoors cuddling with my books, laptop, notes, and writing utensils.

20 May 2014

cutest bikes... PUBLIC bikes

as all of you may notice in the future outfit posts of mine...I will be on a bike.
biking is just so much better than walking.
In my university, I am  probably known as the girl who bikes around in very (to be honest) unconventional biking/workout/college clothes...it's not that I don't wear t-shirts with yoga pants to college. it's true I don't. but it's not because I discriminate against these articles of clothing, rather, it's because I do not have the courage to wear them. plus dressing up is really fun.

anyway back to bikes. these are some bikes that I would love to have in the future when I won't be leaving my bike outside the dorms in which there is a very high probability of it being stolen...I am just in love with these Public bikes, and  I am really doing this out of pure pure love of their design and the chicness that comes with the brand. plus they are from San Francisco... my absolute favorite American city.

Also if you don't fancy breaking a sweat while biking... these are just perfect...

regardless, I would just like to conclude how bikes are the perfect accessory (both practical and attractive) to any outfit all year round. I am honestly very jealous of people who bike in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

18 May 2014


It's been a long time since I came around, It's been a long time and I'm back in town...

Summer has officially started for me, and unlike other college student who may be taking summer classes/have internships, the excitement of my summer will come a little bit later on.
Regardless, I'm quite enjoying reading fun books like Little Lord Fauntleroy by Frances Hodgson Burnett-- a great classic that was an anime in the Philippines...
On the other hand, this idleness is not particularly as fun as I thought it would be since I am missing the college dorm life, the rigorous studies, the spontaneous nights, and the college atmosphere.

so here's an old outfit picture of me... in the laundry of the dorms. ;)
looking back I realized I had too much time not studying during the fall semester...oops.