25 October 2013

legs legs legs

well, my excursions to the parks here in campus have continued. the weather has been quite nice because it's cold in the mornings and evenings, but really warm in the afternoon (ie perfect conditions for a photo shoot with my iphone!) clearly, i have been looking for ways to appear longer and taller in my pictures.

anyway, i bought this dress recently from forever 21 because it looks so vintage and for some reason I was infatuated with navy blue that day. Also this necklace is one of my great finds from a thrift store. It really reminds me of jewelry from the 20s.
college has been definitely crazy. that's all.


12 October 2013

i miss this

amidst reading all these didactic books for classes, I really do feel like I am missing a part of myself. blogging about clothes, reading other blogs, taking pictures, drawing, and looking at fashion shows have stopped. I feel so detached from this art world.
so this weekend, i made it my mission to download an iphone app with camera timer in order to take pictures! i feel like I can do this every weekend now! yay
I recently got this shirt from Forever 21 and flats from urban outfitter, both for $5! the skirt is from H&M