21 August 2013

been gone...

I have been gone and been significantly away from the "blogger" life. my blogger life just really translate into sharing my sunday outfits here. However, I have been cherishing my summer as it is probably the last summer that I had absolutely nothing school related work to do (except for admission requirements for college). Regardless, this short and sweet escape from school is ending. This is bittersweet of course. First, I will definitely not see my highschool friends in my classes ever, and it's surreal. It's really really sad because I am already missing some precious people that I've known in highschool. However, I am also definitely excited because this is college we are talking about! I ought to be excited! I've always wanted to go to a dormitory school and I am actually going to a dorm in a less than a week! There is definitely some mixed and contradicting feelings in me right now.

In getting ready to move in to a different environment, I have resolved that this is the perfect time to buy a bike and use it as my main transportation in campus! I am very excited of this and I am so thankful of ANT bicycles for sponsoring me to buy this bike. Mr. Flanigan, Thank you so much.

I have to admit, though, my excitement waned as I try to look for the perfect bike to buy. My initial thoughts of my perfect bike was for it to have 1) a step through frame 2) brakes 3) at least 3 gears 4) fenders 5) a rack 6) i will be able to put a basket in the front.
Maybe these were a little high expectations for bicycles out there, but these "perfect" bicycles DO exist. Unfortunately, they do not exist for people like me, who are 5 feet tall.
I spent HOURS, turning into DAYS, then WEEKS to find a bicycle.
i forced myself to test ride bikes which have 700c wheels instead of the right size of 24" for me. (this didn't end so well as I scratched my thigh from somewhere on the bike and almost fell over in the aisles of Walmart.)
I searched for a bike in Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Target, my local bike shop... and in the end, I was forced accept that I will be buying a girl's size comfort cruise from Walmart, with no brakes, no gears, no step-through frame, and no rack. (at least it had the right size right!?)

Regardless of my disappointment, I named this bike, made by Kent Bicycles, Nymeria. I hope you got the reference of where this name came from. **game of thrones...direworlf...arya.

the one thing I learned from this shopping experience is: it's a disadvantage to be short in a world filled with tall people. And I hope I will survive riding a bike with no brakes. :)

Also, in the future, when I am able to produce my own money from work I hope Public Bikes , Work Cycles , Pashley Cycles, Retrovelo, Gazelle Bikes, and all the other manufacturers out there who make such glamorous, lovely, breathtaking bikes...please make bikes for the short people like me. I adore each design of your bikes, and I know one day... I WILL have a bike from whoever has my size. :)