03 June 2013

staying inside

with the increasing temperatures here in the valley of California, I sometimes wonder how I will survive the upcoming 4 years in literally still staying at the so-called armpit of the state. This projection of 4 years at university--i was compelled to write "uni" as i have heard and seen this contraction from Brtitish people and Aussies, I'm quite not sure who else use it. BUT, anyway, the point is that this contraction is blatantly unappealing to my eyes and ears. I guess the defense mechanism of reaction formation was in action for a fleeting moment -- As I was saying, it's been very hot here and the only acceptable thing to do is to stay inside and draw. And so I did. forgive me for my complete lack of ability with regards to actually scanning my work. my sister's canon powershot has enough power to shoot (ahh see what i did there! ha!)  and convey what my designs look like.

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