18 June 2013

resort 2014

clean lines,structured silhouettes, and a whole new level of feminine sophistication: the collections from resort 2014 has me incredibly hyped up in seeing these clothes adorning women's bodies in a different way excited for what is to come in my human existence. I am quite not sure if you understand what I mean, so I will explain. This sophistication does not reveal a woman's physique in a seductive-kind-of-way, yet it still fumes with sex appeal. or maybe just in my judgement. but i am incredibly obsessed with these collections! although  these pieces are intended for summer, they actually do scream the look of summer without putting women in skimpy clothing. I always admire women who can pull off sartorial elegance while defeating the summer heat and still looking fresh. Clearly, I hope to someday become one of these women when I will actually purchase my own clothes instead of waiting for clothes to be handed down to me from my older sisters.


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