31 May 2013


I graduated highschool! finally! i feel like I've been waiting for this since junior high and now that it's finally done I'm glad I made a lot of good memories during my highschool time. senior year was undeniably the most stressful and demanding year out of all the four years that I have endured in my school!
anyway summer has definitely started and I have been keeping myself incredibly busy with sewing, painting, reading, and designing.

16 May 2013



the end of May is approaching oh-so-very fast
as for me that only means one thing: graduation.
this school year flew by so fast that I am not sure what exactly happened.
however, now, while reflecting back about my year, I definitely developed friendships that will last for a long time and memories that I will definitely cherish forever.
i cannot believe how much I've grown to be who I am today. it's cray.
i am just hoping I will continue to do what I love to do in the future. I am very excited for this summer and-- of course-- college!

15 May 2013

Summer Dresses

in 30* C weather, opting for clothes made of cotton or chiffon is the best idea.
can you just imagine the fabric sticking to your skin, the air surrounding you is HOT, it's humid, the sun is shining so brightly?
well it's officially summer here in california and it will get even hotter.
also everyone should just know that summer means light colored clothing!
I found these lovely dresses from EFOXCITY.COM
and of course they are affordable! 

they have a VARIETY of dresses, from wedding dresses, to summer dresses. yes.
they also have a great jewelry section that I just wish I can get my hands on
Irregardless, i cannot resist to put these ones too because these are just UHH-dorable clothing pieces.

04 May 2013

Summer Essentials

as summer is definitely fast approaching, I am on the countdown of what I will be doing in the summer. counting down the days between now till summer is quite emotional, since I between these two end points, I will be making memories of a life time with my highschool friends. there's DISNEYLAND GRAD NITE! the stressful pressures of upcoming AP tests, our snapchatting sessions, our song project, our wasted time everyday in physics class, GRADUATION, and sober grad night....sigh.

anyway, enough of this, up there in the picture are my essentials this summer! a cute, chic and simple sandal from Prabal Gurung x Target collection (was on sale!), straw hats ( a must in california), sunglasses (duh!), camera (going to be a fun summer to document), chapstick (umm...why not??)