29 April 2013

Young Designers Collective

With my penchant for fashion and art, i am obviously (and no doubt about it) fond of  designing clothes, accessories, shoes, bags for myself. it is my dream to someday work with fashion and maybe even work for the prestigious Alexander Mcqueen house!

well, with all dreams, aspirations, and wishes aside, there are so many fabulous people who are young designers (like me) starting out with fashion. However, unlike me, these group of people are in the collaborative cooperation with non-profit organizations. They are putting their creativity into altruistic uses and I am in awe of these people. This philanthropic works are not only beautiful visually but are also works of art that have true meaning.

These people are the YOUNG DESIGNERS COLLECTIVE from New York City!
look through their catalog to learn more! Their pieces are for custom order.

P.S. I am in love with that hat!!! 

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  1. I really love the hat, its stunning!

    I will be proud if you visit my blog, I've just started blogging so you are invited to discover it ! :)
    Thanks in advance.



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