04 April 2013

and it's Prom season!

...this time the difference is, I am actually going to prom!
my first and, of course, last high school dance in which i will be given the opportunity to overdress  (as if i already don't do that)--- meaning, i can take my obsession to overdressing to another level right?!

anyway, despite this rare opportunity, I still have a dilemma on what to wear.

fashion forward (maybe even man-repelling lol) vs classic glamour (black simple tulle prom dress)?
which one???? and it's in two weeks. 
to wear a dress or go with separates?
oh... how i wish i have dolce and gabbana pieces in my wardrobe

 H&M conscious collection, but i will probably go with the dress i'm wearing here: http://hedonistdrive.blogspot.com/2013/03/suit-and-tie.html

I need opinions!


  1. Very pretty pictures. Happy weekend!

  2. I definitely think you should opt for a dress! One which "screams" you! Maybe something fashion forward but with a touch of classic glam?

    Have fun!


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