24 March 2013

eyes eyes eyes

we are going to meddle with something I usually do not particularly obsess about: Make up.
I am a very low-maintenance kind of girl that doesn't really straighten her hair, do her make up everyday, but I do love dressing up!
anyway, i received a smokey eye palette from BA Star Make up, their brand actually emphasizes on make-up for cheerleaders and dancers. SO we can expect for it to stay on for quite a long time right?
the palette colors are absolutely lovely, but the main thing that excited me the most is the GLITTER. particularly the gold one! i love gold. i love glitter. 
and surprisingly that glitter is similar to gel eye shadow and is very very pigmented. 
they included a brush, which I do not really like. i suggest using your own eyeshadow brushes instead of the one included. However, the other end of the stick is a sponger applier for the glitter which is fabulous.

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15 March 2013

Suit and tie?


definitely oscar ready with this dress eh?
i can't imagine how actors and actresses go through a night of constricting their bodies to these fabrics, especially the ladies wearing high platform shoes...
i resolved to eating an ice cream after my photoshoot.-- actually it was DURING this photo session...--
regardless, this dress was incredibly and beautifully made. it wasn't actually that constricting, i think my shoes definitely frustrated me along with the uncooperative camera.

dress: http://www.dressestylist.com/


03 March 2013

loving the sun!


it's warming up here in California! yay! i am so excited for this year's summer since I will be able to do a lot of things without summer work for AP classes. anyway, this week is so stressful with so much tests and activities outside of school! agh.
well, i got these pants in forever21 for $5. it will definitely be overused in the future especially in the summer!