19 January 2013


January 17, 2013... I had  the best and worst night of my life!
but we will only focus  on the BEST aspect of it!
I saw LADY GAGA in her Born This Way Ball in SAN JOSE!!!!!!!!
She was very lovely, and I can definitely say that she was born to perform and be in front of cameras! in every angle she's perfect! she poses for everyone!
i have tips below if you want to go to a Lady GAGA ball!
here are videos of my crazy night!

Tips when you go to see her:
--Arrive there before 8AM to be able to get access to the MONSTER PIT.
**her stage has the monster pit inside...basically she still has the runway where people can see her close up    too! I was in front of the runway
--if you didn't get in to the monster pit still line up early. they will give you wristbands with numbers and then you can come back at around 6PM and still have your spot. :)
--the opening acts are boring....for me it was. Sorry Lady Starlight and Madeon. however, there are different opening acts every time, so you might be lucky to see someone interesting there!
--NEVER buy the "platinum" tickets from TICKETMASTER. they are RIP-OFFS. To GET the best "seat" in the house you have to line up EARLY. the "platinum" tickets are only General Admission tickets. if you want to receive early access to the concert (hence before 6:30 PM) BUY the PACKAGE TICKETS.
**my sister paid $270 for each "platinum" ticket while the VIP/PACKAGE tickets were $230ish and they got to really be by the rails of the runway.


  1. Great photos! :)


  2. Lovely pics!
    Thanks for the comment darling =)

  3. these are such looovely photos!

    hope you'll visit back


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