25 October 2013

legs legs legs

well, my excursions to the parks here in campus have continued. the weather has been quite nice because it's cold in the mornings and evenings, but really warm in the afternoon (ie perfect conditions for a photo shoot with my iphone!) clearly, i have been looking for ways to appear longer and taller in my pictures.

anyway, i bought this dress recently from forever 21 because it looks so vintage and for some reason I was infatuated with navy blue that day. Also this necklace is one of my great finds from a thrift store. It really reminds me of jewelry from the 20s.
college has been definitely crazy. that's all.


12 October 2013

i miss this

amidst reading all these didactic books for classes, I really do feel like I am missing a part of myself. blogging about clothes, reading other blogs, taking pictures, drawing, and looking at fashion shows have stopped. I feel so detached from this art world.
so this weekend, i made it my mission to download an iphone app with camera timer in order to take pictures! i feel like I can do this every weekend now! yay
I recently got this shirt from Forever 21 and flats from urban outfitter, both for $5! the skirt is from H&M

21 August 2013

been gone...

I have been gone and been significantly away from the "blogger" life. my blogger life just really translate into sharing my sunday outfits here. However, I have been cherishing my summer as it is probably the last summer that I had absolutely nothing school related work to do (except for admission requirements for college). Regardless, this short and sweet escape from school is ending. This is bittersweet of course. First, I will definitely not see my highschool friends in my classes ever, and it's surreal. It's really really sad because I am already missing some precious people that I've known in highschool. However, I am also definitely excited because this is college we are talking about! I ought to be excited! I've always wanted to go to a dormitory school and I am actually going to a dorm in a less than a week! There is definitely some mixed and contradicting feelings in me right now.

In getting ready to move in to a different environment, I have resolved that this is the perfect time to buy a bike and use it as my main transportation in campus! I am very excited of this and I am so thankful of ANT bicycles for sponsoring me to buy this bike. Mr. Flanigan, Thank you so much.

I have to admit, though, my excitement waned as I try to look for the perfect bike to buy. My initial thoughts of my perfect bike was for it to have 1) a step through frame 2) brakes 3) at least 3 gears 4) fenders 5) a rack 6) i will be able to put a basket in the front.
Maybe these were a little high expectations for bicycles out there, but these "perfect" bicycles DO exist. Unfortunately, they do not exist for people like me, who are 5 feet tall.
I spent HOURS, turning into DAYS, then WEEKS to find a bicycle.
i forced myself to test ride bikes which have 700c wheels instead of the right size of 24" for me. (this didn't end so well as I scratched my thigh from somewhere on the bike and almost fell over in the aisles of Walmart.)
I searched for a bike in Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Target, my local bike shop... and in the end, I was forced accept that I will be buying a girl's size comfort cruise from Walmart, with no brakes, no gears, no step-through frame, and no rack. (at least it had the right size right!?)

Regardless of my disappointment, I named this bike, made by Kent Bicycles, Nymeria. I hope you got the reference of where this name came from. **game of thrones...direworlf...arya.

the one thing I learned from this shopping experience is: it's a disadvantage to be short in a world filled with tall people. And I hope I will survive riding a bike with no brakes. :)

Also, in the future, when I am able to produce my own money from work I hope Public Bikes , Work Cycles , Pashley Cycles, Retrovelo, Gazelle Bikes, and all the other manufacturers out there who make such glamorous, lovely, breathtaking bikes...please make bikes for the short people like me. I adore each design of your bikes, and I know one day... I WILL have a bike from whoever has my size. :)

13 June 2013

black and white

can we just imagine summer as black and white for a moment. doesn't it seem like a dream. as if every little thing I used to worry about is all gone, washed out by the past. it feels as if we can be numb from the 108* F weather that california had last sunday. anyway, i got my driver's license, so hopefully my summer will consist of roadtrips (i doubt it) instead of days doing absolutely nothing while listening to old music in the phonograph. we are going old school here with vinyls.

09 June 2013

art student

IMG_2044 edited
taking art in high school was really just an excuse for me to allot time exclusively dedicated to doing art.i'm really glad I did take AP Studio Art senior year regardless of the fact that it does not count for any college credits regarding my Nursing major. However, I strongly believe that art allows people to grow as a person through one's conveyance of artistic abilities to a certain medium. My tumblr blog is strictly dedicated to the artists whose work truly inspire me  to reach their level of ability as well as arouse me to make a move towards a desperation of wanting that piece to marry me forever. anyway, I am showing you some of the pieces I did during my senior year.

PS. I changed the look of the blog. thoughts? anyone?

07 June 2013

Columbia California

California- being the state to the very west of the US has an incredibly rich history. It is really fascinating since it was known for gold and cowboys before Hollywood even became a thing. I'm really happy that I live in California- not because of its history, but, instead because of the culture created from its history. I sometimes find myself amused of the very simple things in my surroundings (endless view of plains, almond plantations, cows, horses, and most of all cowboys!)
Even though I've lived here for 6 years now, I still continue to learn so much about this state and continue to discover fantastic and adorable places that are not very known to tourists. A few weeks ago...yes, i've been slacking... my family and I went to Columbia California. It has a little park with preserved buildings dating back to 1850s during the Gold Rush to California. Columbia was an actual town in which the miners stayed and mined for gold. there are still gold there and they have this little place where you can pan your own gold! I definitely enjoyed my time there!

03 June 2013

staying inside

with the increasing temperatures here in the valley of California, I sometimes wonder how I will survive the upcoming 4 years in literally still staying at the so-called armpit of the state. This projection of 4 years at university--i was compelled to write "uni" as i have heard and seen this contraction from Brtitish people and Aussies, I'm quite not sure who else use it. BUT, anyway, the point is that this contraction is blatantly unappealing to my eyes and ears. I guess the defense mechanism of reaction formation was in action for a fleeting moment -- As I was saying, it's been very hot here and the only acceptable thing to do is to stay inside and draw. And so I did. forgive me for my complete lack of ability with regards to actually scanning my work. my sister's canon powershot has enough power to shoot (ahh see what i did there! ha!)  and convey what my designs look like.

31 May 2013


I graduated highschool! finally! i feel like I've been waiting for this since junior high and now that it's finally done I'm glad I made a lot of good memories during my highschool time. senior year was undeniably the most stressful and demanding year out of all the four years that I have endured in my school!
anyway summer has definitely started and I have been keeping myself incredibly busy with sewing, painting, reading, and designing.

16 May 2013



the end of May is approaching oh-so-very fast
as for me that only means one thing: graduation.
this school year flew by so fast that I am not sure what exactly happened.
however, now, while reflecting back about my year, I definitely developed friendships that will last for a long time and memories that I will definitely cherish forever.
i cannot believe how much I've grown to be who I am today. it's cray.
i am just hoping I will continue to do what I love to do in the future. I am very excited for this summer and-- of course-- college!

15 May 2013

Summer Dresses

in 30* C weather, opting for clothes made of cotton or chiffon is the best idea.
can you just imagine the fabric sticking to your skin, the air surrounding you is HOT, it's humid, the sun is shining so brightly?
well it's officially summer here in california and it will get even hotter.
also everyone should just know that summer means light colored clothing!
I found these lovely dresses from EFOXCITY.COM
and of course they are affordable! 

they have a VARIETY of dresses, from wedding dresses, to summer dresses. yes.
they also have a great jewelry section that I just wish I can get my hands on
Irregardless, i cannot resist to put these ones too because these are just UHH-dorable clothing pieces.