22 November 2012

happy thanksgiving

happy holidays and eat a lot!
well, for me I'm doing a research paper...and personal statements~ and eating a lot!
I have a lot to be thankful of and I hope you do too!

18 November 2012


I finished this self-portrait last week, however I still feel the need to do something for the background. anyway, my college applications are almost done, Thanksgiving is coming up, I still need to do a term paper...and I still have a continuous homework load piling up. however, pretty soon, I know I will be able to blog some more!
I have an exciting collaboration coming up!

04 November 2012

the dog days are over

extremely busy. and incredibly frustrating. sometimes.
i'm juggling my time with studying, looking for scholarships, AND college applications! AH!
i don't think i will be back in active mode in my blogosphere in the near future.