24 August 2012


ok, if you know me, you know i have been obsessed with Cambridge satchels, or just structured-leather satchels over all. it has been 1 year and a half of just pure lust and obsession with these bags.
i have entered soooo many giveaways for it, since i cannot afford it!
And, maybe i'm just cheesy, this bag came to me because we are destined to be together!!!

Thanks ReQoop! it was soooo unexpected that they chose my picture as the winner of the colorspotting giveaway they had back in May!
the color is so classy, red was my first pick when they asked me to choose the color! and you can  definitely see my biggest smile since I was literally beaming when i opened the package!

a review of the satchel after the break...

the inside is also red, so it's very lovely. The leather is INCREDIBLY smooth---so when I saw my 1st scratch on it, I was seriously not amused, and so the bag hasn't left it's dust bag since...now I will only use it on special occasions! i'm taking care of this baby.
there's the logo~ the stitching is exquisite, and the bag seems pretty sturdy.
it has 9 holes in the strap so that's very very good. i didn't change the length of mine, since it was perfect for me.
i'm not going to lie, the buckles are a pain in my asgardian soul.  however this is the little trick that I do to save time on opening my bag...also beware the sides of those leather closure are going to be frayed when you constantly open/close the bag. i don't know if it'll break soon, because i really really hope not, and  i'm already fretting about it.
so this is what the bag looks like on a 5-feet-short person. it's a very appropriate size. btw, it's a 13 inch classic red satchel.
and here's another picture of me, beaming like my life is already accomplished!


  1. "A pain in my asgardian soul?" LMFAO!

    That really is a gorgeous bag. It looks fab on you. I loooove leather! And yes, you do look really happy. But I would be too if I had that bag :)

    Oh, and I added a GFC button finally. So you can follow me on there too if you want.

    xoxo Azu


  2. A cambridge satchel.... Lucky you!!

    xo georgexoxo.blogspot.com

  3. Ohmygod it's perfect Ive been looking for the 13" cambridge satchel too.. in red also! Cant be more jealous of you! But since I cant really afford that.. I'm just gonna join any giveaways, lol :))

    1. keep on joining! you'll eventually get it!

  4. wooow.. you're so lucky!! i can't afford it too..
    love the color <3


  5. Congrats on winning this bag. I love it! The color is beautiful.

    Happy weekend!


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  7. Oh my! Congratulations dear!!! You totally deserve it!
    It's on my wish list too.. I wish I could afford it ._.
    Anyway, i'm following you now on gfc!
    Let's keep in touch <3


  8. Love it! I'm a fan of satchels myself. =)

  9. I'm seriously suffering from satchel envy. That bag is perfect!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way. I certainly am enjoying yours! You have a new follower. x

  10. Oh, that bag is really great and you look so cool!

    Your bog is very inspiring so I'm following you ! :)


  11. Wow, I love these satchels! I really need to buy one for school. You look so cool with it! :)

  12. Congrats on getting it, especially since you've wanted it for so long! :)

  13. hi, thanks for your visited and commented to my blog :)
    i'm glad can inspiring you with my idea to make explosion box


  14. gorgeous bag <3 love love love it!

    Alexa <3

  15. Wow! Wish I could own one too, it,s just so perfect!

  16. Congratulations, I'm definitely jealous over here ;)

    Lovely blog too, I just followed! Hope you can visit my blog and follow back if you like it too <3


  17. Congratulations. This is some pretty bag. Now, I understand why you are so beaming and happy. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I just followed you too and keep in touch !


  18. Sweet bag! I've been looking at those for a while now, and just can't bring myself to spend that much money on a bag...yet. As I am saving for a Chanel bag! hahahaha
    Following your blog now :)
    Greetings from the Midwest,

  19. OMG u're so lucky!! Perfect cambridge satchel bag!! <3 <3 <3



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