05 August 2012

BLOG: summer work drawings

 L- Loki                                          I- Iron Man                                      T- Thor
*obviously these 3 are just SOME of my favorite marvel characters in avengers!

these drawings are part of my summer work for AP studio art. we are supposed to draw anything, but these objects are not supposed to be floating in the middle of the paper.
and these objects must represent a letter of the alphabet.
whoever sees my alphabet-drawings will definitely know some --just some-- of my obsessions! ;)

p.s. i changed my blog's look once again. cleaned it up a little bit.

anyone else still having Post-Potter stress disorder???
S-Severus D-Draco

and of course i can't leave out Mama Monster. G-Gaga


  1. Wow, these drawings are wonderful!!
    Great work!

  2. nice drawings :)
    love your blog, following on gfc and bloglovin now x

    if u like u can visit/follow me at

  3. Hey there! It's me Tatiana your twitter friend :-) follow me back on my blog :-) anywayys i love your drawings especially lady gaga! More power :-) itsmademoiselletasha.blogspot.com :-)

  4. your drawings look great! I love the iron man one :D


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