16 August 2012

BIKE SERIES: Dreams do come TRUE

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well c,ontinuing on with my story, i confided with my best friend (one of my bestfriends ;) the internet!

I set up a name for my mission! OPERATION: LOVE FOR A BIKE...i like straightforward titles
this is me in real life (just sitting on the computer searching away)...the picture below was my experience!
First day: i emailed 5 sites....after a week, i didn't get any kind of response. but I didnt give up!
after a week, I emailed 10 more bicycle websites, seeking for an opportunity to help my parents this senior year and the next coming years of being in college!
the next day, i received an email! i was really scared to open the email...
first one to respond, and they were nice! yay! i got some tips on buying or even possibly making my own bike (but i am definitely not ready to become a mechanic!)
4 DAYS AFTER THE FIRST RESPONSE: i cannot believe it! i received a miracle i talked to a really nice and amazing ANT, and he was interested in helping me! i was already thankful for him to reply to me! this was the kindest thing ever!!
I returned correspondences with ANT His bikes are definitely the epitome of the romance and art of bike transportation!

I am grateful to share this incredible experience to the world!!!!! an i am excited to create and share new experiences with my future bike! thank you soooo much!
First of all, I asked Mr. Google, the caterpillar, and he was very helpful! i encountered different flowers and creatures (WEBSITES) and talked to them (E-mailed them). And finally i exchanged correspondence with ANT


  1. thats really great experience

  2. We love your story, we love your drawings, WE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! we follow you!:)
    kisses from China!

  3. gr8 blog there.. im glAd i found it out
    p.s If you follow me via GFC and any other social media, let me know - I'll return the favor :)

  4. Love those pictures, you draw them? Good luck with the bike.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  5. Woah you are a really good artist there :)

  6. wow great for you,very ineteresting blog :)

    follow each?


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