30 August 2012

Leather Satchel

remember back then when i showed you my leather satchel design?
well, my satchel design became a REAL satchel, thanks to Leather Satchel Co.
the satchel is like a girl's DREAM come TRUE! It's customized and so I am pretty sure that right now, I am the only one, THE ONLY ONE, that has this bag! yayyy!
Review of Leather Satchel Co. after the break....

28 August 2012

OUTFIT: Don't stop me now...

...i'm having such a good time, i'm having a ball, don't stop me now, if you wanna have a good time, just give me a call! don't stop me now!
i'm a rocket ship on my way to mars on collision course,i'm a satellite i'm out of control...
ok. singing in my blog posts is done for now. anyone recognize the song???

of course it's Don't Stop Me Now by QUEEN!!
anyway, my outfit is from one of those days when you just want to crawl in your jeans and stay in bed. never mind, i never really had those days. ok. this outfit is just for those days when you can't think of anything to wear so you just try to pile on as much sparkles as possible. sparkly shoes+ sequined shirt.
P.S. i'm finallly getting how to make all my sub-pictures the same width! yay.

25 August 2012

Der Kuss

so ummm... blackmilk.
that's all i have to say.

oh gosh never mind, i have a lot to say. i can't even express how amazed/obsessed i am with Klimt and blackmilk. Their galaxy leggings, as everyone knows, is extremely - i mean EXTREMELY- popular, but these leggings with Gustav Klimt's The Kiss printed on it is just cray cray! i want it! it will complete me (as well as how miu miu glitter booties will complete my life--and how leather satchels complete me too--what can i say, I'm a hedonist.)
first saw the amazingness of these leggings on Sasha from Lookbook. here's her blog.

24 August 2012


ok, if you know me, you know i have been obsessed with Cambridge satchels, or just structured-leather satchels over all. it has been 1 year and a half of just pure lust and obsession with these bags.
i have entered soooo many giveaways for it, since i cannot afford it!
And, maybe i'm just cheesy, this bag came to me because we are destined to be together!!!

Thanks ReQoop! it was soooo unexpected that they chose my picture as the winner of the colorspotting giveaway they had back in May!
the color is so classy, red was my first pick when they asked me to choose the color! and you can  definitely see my biggest smile since I was literally beaming when i opened the package!

a review of the satchel after the break...

19 August 2012

OUTFIT: i walk alone

for some reason "I walk alone" by Green Day started playing in my head when I was editing these pictures, so my subconscious is telling me that it will be an appropriate title for this outfit.

i have been in love with dresses paired with some awesome Converse sneakers, and so I tried it out, and this is my outfit! yay! part of the reason for wearing this is  because it's so easy to put on, especially during those times when your family decides to go to church at 7:30 in the morning!

18 August 2012

Olympia Le Tan

Book clutches? i mean clutches designed as books? or if you do a DIY, books made into clutches(no no no, i love books too much to do that)

well i was browsing the net-a-porter F/W 2012 lookbook. and my older sister has been obsessed with these book clutches, that she actually wants to destroy some precious books for a clutch! nooooo.

so here are the clutches that i'm talking about:

personally i love these milk carton bags better :)
some brands, like Kate Spade, has adopted their own book clutches  ...i really like the Olympia Le Tan ones because they are embroidered! super chic and very creative. however, as usual it comes with a PRICE TAG. :(

16 August 2012

BIKE SERIES: Dreams do come TRUE

previous story here
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

well c,ontinuing on with my story, i confided with my best friend (one of my bestfriends ;) the internet!

I set up a name for my mission! OPERATION: LOVE FOR A BIKE...i like straightforward titles
this is me in real life (just sitting on the computer searching away)...the picture below was my experience!
First day: i emailed 5 sites....after a week, i didn't get any kind of response. but I didnt give up!
after a week, I emailed 10 more bicycle websites, seeking for an opportunity to help my parents this senior year and the next coming years of being in college!
the next day, i received an email! i was really scared to open the email...
first one to respond, and they were nice! yay! i got some tips on buying or even possibly making my own bike (but i am definitely not ready to become a mechanic!)
4 DAYS AFTER THE FIRST RESPONSE: i cannot believe it! i received a miracle i talked to a really nice and amazing ANT, and he was interested in helping me! i was already thankful for him to reply to me! this was the kindest thing ever!!
I returned correspondences with ANT His bikes are definitely the epitome of the romance and art of bike transportation!

I am grateful to share this incredible experience to the world!!!!! an i am excited to create and share new experiences with my future bike! thank you soooo much!
First of all, I asked Mr. Google, the caterpillar, and he was very helpful! i encountered different flowers and creatures (WEBSITES) and talked to them (E-mailed them). And finally i exchanged correspondence with ANT

15 August 2012

OUTFIT: left out

well this outfit was from the time i was in LA....wayyyy back. we went to the Griffith observatory, which was cool, but not really my favorite... it did interest me BUT it wasn't exciting. that's just my opinion since i absolutely love looking at art pieces/haute couture, so i guess it wasnt the right place for me.

so far school is going well. but really, not as fun as I want it to be.

Shirt/dress: Rogan for target
jeans: from garage sale! whohoo!
shoes: Converse
bag: Marni x H&M c/o A.fasione

13 August 2012

blog: last day

so this will be the last day of my summer vacation... T___T
i will go to school, and go on with my usual life.  this summer was actually exceptional and was a LOT of fun.
there were a lot of 1st times for me. 1st time in the a California Beach--in the summer, to see celebrities- Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell!, to see haute couture in real life, to have a sister move away, to go to the Japanese tea garden, to go to an art museum, the Getty museum, to see precious paintings in real life,  to have one of my most coveted bags, etc.

here's a compilation of pictures depicting my summer vacation.

p.s. summer vacation went by sooooo fast!

11 August 2012

OUTFIT: another drama.

so i'm having a little drama with myself about going back to school. i think everyone has those moments.
anyway, these sunglasses and necklace were from Romwe, and i absolutely love them! i highly recommend these, however, BEWARE, it will take almost up to 20 days to receive if you live in the US, Canada, Mexico etc...
top: old
necklace: Romwe
sunglasses: Romwe
pants: old
lipstick: Mary Kay
ring: from Chinatown 

10 August 2012

Back to school Bags!

anyone having a last-minute dilemma on a school bag? i do--well kind of.
so every year i try to seek for a stylish yet durable bag for school, and every year i fail to get one.
 except for this year! i have some leather satchels (hint hint...from my favorite brands...this and that)
so... SATCHELS VS. BACKPACKS? both are unisex, both can be stylish, and both are school-appropriate. however which is the most preferable when it comes to comfort?

from the local artisans of Great Britain , the world has seen these incredible leather satchels.both the Cambridge Satchel Company and the Leather Satchel Company  displays the aesthetic design of these satchels.
Leather Satchel Co.
Cambridge Satchel Co.
on the other hand, these backpacks from Hasso display the same aesthetic quality, made by the hands of artisans from Colombia. their bags impresses me with their style and the artistry involved in making them (same as the satchels above^^) they are sleek and classy~! i think these are perfect for school, considering that backpacks are always comfortable.

in loooove.
i think both the satchels and the backpacks are timeless pieces!

08 August 2012

OUTFIT: last week of summer

sigh. last week of summer already?!? school this coming tuesday?!? whaaaatt...where did my time go?
well here i am seeking refuge in the shadow's haven. too hot to come out, yet i was still outside today welcoming incoming freshmen. I can't believe that i'm a senior now.

well, an all-white outfit is appropriate during summer. almost all of my outfits are composed of thrifted or old clothes, so I can't really post where I get them! i can only give the places where some of accessories and shoes are from! so here you go!

geometric necklace: ebay
glitter shoes: my sister's (she got them from ebay)
watch: jcpenney (old)

p.s. i still can't figure out how to make my photos all have the same width. ;(

05 August 2012

BLOG: summer work drawings

 L- Loki                                          I- Iron Man                                      T- Thor
*obviously these 3 are just SOME of my favorite marvel characters in avengers!

these drawings are part of my summer work for AP studio art. we are supposed to draw anything, but these objects are not supposed to be floating in the middle of the paper.
and these objects must represent a letter of the alphabet.
whoever sees my alphabet-drawings will definitely know some --just some-- of my obsessions! ;)

p.s. i changed my blog's look once again. cleaned it up a little bit.

anyone else still having Post-Potter stress disorder???
S-Severus D-Draco

and of course i can't leave out Mama Monster. G-Gaga

03 August 2012

OUTFIT: from LA to SF

well, coming from LA just a few weeks ago, i went to San Francisco (more like tagged along with my older sister) for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. and then we went to the Japanese Tea Garden and Chinatown after the stunning exhibit! The tea garden was absolutely beautiful and  peaceful, while Chinatown was filled with action, loud noises, and great deals everywhere!
technically, the title should be from LA to SF and then LA again--since just came back from LA
anyway here's my outfit:

good thing i brought a jacket since it was absolutely cold in San Francisco that day!

p.s. i have been OBSESSED with the Olympics lately! gymnastics was so amazing! #teamUSA

shirt: my sister's closet ;)
skirt: H&M 
jacket: thrifted
satchel: Kipling
tights: Romwe
booties: thrifted