04 July 2012


Marchesa, givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Roberto Cavalli, and Elie Saab.
I just stated the fashion houses that make to-die-for dresses.literally.
anyway, this haute couture collection from Elie Saab just leaks of pure elegance and glamour.
The romantic feeling created by lace is incomparable to any fabric.
the fashion show feels like a dream and a fantasy which really makes me wish that I can look good in those dresses too 
this collection is just composed of very ornate dresses that i'm sure you can deduce from my words i just LOVE.
i really want you to see the show for yourself!!! just think about how each bead, sequin or any other ornament is sewn by hand!


  1. I would love my wedding gown to be of Elie Saab... I don't think I've ever seen a dress I don't like from his collection!

  2. Such gorgeous dresses! I absolutely LOVE the nude shades!
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  3. Some time ago I started love clothes by Elie Saab, it's kind of style of dresses I really like!:)

  4. lovee this designer, these dresses are gorgeous!


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