02 July 2012

BLOG: Los Angeles

so these are some more pictures from my trip to Southern California.
my sister and I at My Vienna
 My Vienna is a gelato shop in Beverly Hills, and it was the best gelato ever. I had nutella, hazelnut, and lemon! of course i had to choose my favorite food ever -- NUTELLA. surprisingly lemon goes well with it! who would have thought? oh yes. the waiter recommended it...

p.s. i actually went to Hollywood, CA, however, my family separated into groups and my parents claimed their camera back!
nutella, hazelnut, and lemon
whenever i do not know what to wear or in this case pack, i go to my mom's closet!! She has a variety of clothes that just needs some revamping or a different styling. So I got this lovely shirt with a monochromatic print from her closet. Since it summer, and every outfit needs some color during this season, my neon pink belt worked its way to this outfit along with my cotton skirt.
i will leave you with this picture of me  and my childhood favorite-- Jollibee. every Filipino knows this bee. :)


  1. Looks like an awesome trip!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cute look. Love the print top.


  3. great photos, i hope you had fun on your trip to socal.
    & thank you for commenting on my blog.


  4. looks like you're having a great time in LA! ahh how I wish I could be there right now!

  5. you look as sweet as that amazing dessert! i love your style! :)


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