29 July 2012

BLOG: Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit

i went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the De Young museum in San Francsisco! finally!
it was divine and in every sense, EXCELLENT.

you can see how in his first creations, he obsessed, and i mean OBSESSED, with cone bras.
then his pieces explore the art of the human body, then human pleasures, included in the dark side of human's psyche-- the ID. And then inspirations from all other ethnic groups (my favorite part), and the streets of the modern era.

 it's very appropriate to put this on my blog, since this exhibit illustrates the hedonistic drives of human beings so well...my blog is not about THAT kind of hedonist drives, really.
anyway, just let the pictures speak to you!

or if you literally want those mannequins to speak to you, go to the show!!!! you won't regret it.


26 July 2012


Balmain F/W 2012-2013

Dolce  & Gobbana F/W 2012-2013
biggest, and loveliest, trend i would say is Baroque. From the intricate details of Balmain, Dolce & Gobbana, and Lanvin, following the baroque trend will certainly be quite expensive ugh why why why

well here are some pieces to achieve those kind of opulence in your wardrobe:

they are obviously all about flowers, scarf-prints and of course the glamour.
 get your hands online, and search search SEARCH! whilst a LOT of websites are still on sale!
especially ASOS, lots of great clothing!
ugh i just wish i have an asos gift certificate, anyone wants to help me with this problem????

24 July 2012

OUTFIT: Let's go to beach-each, let's go get away

as you all can tell, these pictures are from my trip to Southern California (as beaches are nonexistent here in Northern California)
boardwalk? check. ferris wheel? check. heat? check. beach? check. Then we are in SANTA MONICA.
 very lovely place, full of tourists, and energy. definitely going back!

Couldn't be the most perfect beach bag ever.
P.S. go ahead and scrutinize what's in my bag.

23 July 2012

Random Drawings

i havent done drawing posts for quite some time, so here it is. most of them are made for my art summer work...
P.S.  i "pimped" out my blog quite recently.. and i really feel quite accomplished with this!
N is for Nutella duh!

Q is for the Queen

drew at the Getty sketching gallery

22 July 2012


so this is at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles!! i really love that museum, very inspiring and just filled with eye candies!
my outfit just makes me want to sing Pump It- Black eyed peas. these pants are my first distressed jeans ever, and my mom got it for me from a garage sale! yay! i think every closet needs at least one of these jeans.
this H&M x Marni bag was given to me by a.fasione ..thank you sooo much! i really love it~ it came at the right time (as I was packing for LA)

Getty Museum garden

my drawing made in the Getty sketching room

09 July 2012

OUTFIT: Metallic Neutral

my summer has been going by tooooo fast! i can't believe it! it has been hot here, however, i can still bear the heat! i am currently reading Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, and I am determined to finish it by Saturday, since I will be going on another trip to LA!!! i am so excited!, in addition to my excitement, I recieved my AP test scores and I passed them by the standards and by my High expectations!
well, this outfit has been in my folder for quite a long time... the pleated skirt is my older sister's! hehehe~
i really love gold accessories for summer and this top is a "hand-me-down" shirt from the same older sister!

i haven't been very inspired lately.... i really don't know why...

08 July 2012


Ancient Greek Sandals from net-a-porter

would you wear shoes with wings?  i will! i think they are very fun, and the wings definitely give the shoes some character! i especially love the golden sandals from net-a-porter!
And we all know that Vivienne Westwood and Jeremy Scott always gives us fun pieces in their collections~

Also since sneakers are soooo popular this season, why not add wings to yours right?? 
adidas x Jeremy Scott
Melissa x Vivienne Westwood

05 July 2012


this is probably my "loudest" outfit yet! neon, glitter, and floral...why not? this was actually a really hot day in California that it was a great mistake to wear pants, however, i just cannot resist! i love these pants!
i have a little story about them.. sooo i was in my mom's closet oooahhh as always and I was  looking for some thing to wear to the mall, and I came across these floral capris. well ,  they are women size 8, so that's definitely to big for my quite petite size. and as you can see I now fitted them perfectly on my short and stubby legs! yay!! no i have floral pants. definitely one of my favorites next to my orange ones!

04 July 2012


Marchesa, givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, Roberto Cavalli, and Elie Saab.
I just stated the fashion houses that make to-die-for dresses.literally.
anyway, this haute couture collection from Elie Saab just leaks of pure elegance and glamour.
The romantic feeling created by lace is incomparable to any fabric.
the fashion show feels like a dream and a fantasy which really makes me wish that I can look good in those dresses too 
this collection is just composed of very ornate dresses that i'm sure you can deduce from my words i just LOVE.
i really want you to see the show for yourself!!! just think about how each bead, sequin or any other ornament is sewn by hand!

03 July 2012


Chanel haute couture always takes us to the art of tweeds! whether they are constructed with pastel colors or autumnal tones, they always manage to look elegant and sophisticated-- which is Chanel's main purpose for everyone.
well, as you can predict, tweeds still exist in this haute couture fashion show for Fall 2012-2013!
and as always, elegance accompanies this collection.
this one manages to execute the dark romantic feeling of fall/winter, yet combined with glamorous and ornate  dresses.
it is a mixture of the confinement  seen in tweeds and the freedom felt in those silks and airy chiffon
pictures from VOGUE.IT

02 July 2012

BLOG: Los Angeles

so these are some more pictures from my trip to Southern California.
my sister and I at My Vienna
 My Vienna is a gelato shop in Beverly Hills, and it was the best gelato ever. I had nutella, hazelnut, and lemon! of course i had to choose my favorite food ever -- NUTELLA. surprisingly lemon goes well with it! who would have thought? oh yes. the waiter recommended it...

p.s. i actually went to Hollywood, CA, however, my family separated into groups and my parents claimed their camera back!
nutella, hazelnut, and lemon
whenever i do not know what to wear or in this case pack, i go to my mom's closet!! She has a variety of clothes that just needs some revamping or a different styling. So I got this lovely shirt with a monochromatic print from her closet. Since it summer, and every outfit needs some color during this season, my neon pink belt worked its way to this outfit along with my cotton skirt.
i will leave you with this picture of me  and my childhood favorite-- Jollibee. every Filipino knows this bee. :)