27 June 2012

BLOG: Beverly Hills

this was my first time to see Beverly Hills. The houses there are extremely colorful and their plants are just crawling all over their yard! They were lovely.
My sisters and I went to the famous Rodeo Dr.  ans saw all the posh designer shops. it was utterly intimidating to go in to those shops even though i had an excruciating pain to go in there.
i really wish someone would go with me to those designer shops, esp. Lanvin, Valentino, and MIU MIU.
anyone wants to accompany me? :)

MORE PICTURES after the break~

wow, beverly hills is so photogenic.

miu miu!!  

p.s. i absolutely regretted wearing boots and a knit cardigan there! the weather in yahoo lied to me!


  1. wow rodeo drive looks incredible. do you live in california or are you just visiting your sisters? i would definitely accompany you! haha. i love looking in all the designer stores. and girlie, you should not be intimidated! it is a store just like target or any other store, they just tend to have more expensive merchandise! haha. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog darling, and hope you stop by again.

    xx rae

    http://www.loveforschoolgirl.net/ <3

    1. yes. i live in california~ but I just visited Beverly Hills! yes! we were too shy i guess...but the men in suits are just really scary! hahhaha

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  3. looks like you having so much fun :)


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  5. ahh so beautiful! it's always intimidating to go in and have the sales people stare at you... haha

    d a n i e l l e | daniellewu.com

    1. yes! definitely! so now I need to go back, and actually go in the stores! T__T

  6. very beautiful photos...its really great place
    btw mind to fllw each other?

  7. I've never really wanted to go to beverly hills, but after seeing those photos I'm inspired. It looks really nice there, and I know, those shops can be really intimidating.

    Thanks for the comment.


  8. nice pics beautiful!!



  9. It looks amazing! Beautiful pictures, I wish I could visit Beverly Hills too:) Xx

  10. great pics! thanks for your visit! If you like we can follow each other and exchange some advice! I love to relate with other bloggers! It helps me improve! :) kisses!
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  11. Great weather and amazing shops --> winner :-D
    You look pretty even though you were hot :)

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  13. wow, these are all awesome places to shop. :) loving the pics. perfect weather. :) have a great sunday!


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