14 June 2012

BIKE SERIES: the inception

Spring of 2012, pressured with upcoming AP tests, the prospect of the future, saving money for college, and just about everything is already dawning upon me.

as a junior in highschool, i have to think about my future in college (even though i would rather not ).
and i have been looking for ways (scholarships, essay contests, art contest, etc.)  that i can help my parents save money. i immediately thought of the ever-rising gas prices (it's crazy)! i really want to help reduce our living costs, since college is really going to be expensive.

So, my love for biking struck me!! i learned how to bike in 7th grade! yes, it was late. it was one of my favorite thing that happened to me here in the united states. moving here from the Philippines gave me so much opportunities in learning new things and actually improve on drawing! i learned how to bike from a little girl's bike--that my parents bought from the thrift store. it wasn't in a very good condition (rusty, broken brakes, etc.) however, it was good enough for me! i learned how to bike with it and i loved the experience!
My first ride-- with a finally stable balance-- was breathtaking.  There was a feeling of freedom. The wind welcomed and enveloped me while I was riding the bike. This newly discovered passion grew within these 5 years.
as you all can deduce from my pictures, i am very short...towering at 5 feet tall. having this height, it is hard for me to buy cheap bikes. and a BIKE is what i NEED in order to help save money, and USE IT in the University!

So, I traversed this challenge with the help from one of my best friends ---the INTERNET. :)


  1. good luck hun! and ya gas is really expensive and its not getting cheaper :S

  2. Good luck!!


  3. Good luck! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad you did, because now I found your blog! I love your drawings, they give your blog such a unique feel! Following you now :)

  4. Good luck to you :)))) Thanks for popping by, I hope you come again. Wish you a great weekend! xx

  5. I really like your sketches. LOVE the first one. :)

    Quiet Luxury

  6. Cute drawings :)


  7. These are such cute and amazing drawings, I just love them!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. ;) Your blog is lovely

  9. nice pictures ^^

    thx for your comment on my blog =) wanna follow each other? =)
    check out my new post with trip memories =)
    hope we keep in touch ^^

  10. Cuuute pictures and text dear!
    Oh dear, sometimes I thanks a lot for living in Brazil - here, the best universitys are the public ones! Good luck with that, I'm sure you're gonna get where you want!
    Visit http://blogdaflavs.blogspot.com.br/ ♥


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