29 June 2012

BLOG: Leather Satchel Co.

leather satchel co. is having a competition!
 i really like them because you can customize your own satchel color combination!
as you all should know i love these classic satchels with incredible colors!!
PLEASE like my satchel design on their page! LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!

27 June 2012

BLOG: Beverly Hills

this was my first time to see Beverly Hills. The houses there are extremely colorful and their plants are just crawling all over their yard! They were lovely.
My sisters and I went to the famous Rodeo Dr.  ans saw all the posh designer shops. it was utterly intimidating to go in to those shops even though i had an excruciating pain to go in there.
i really wish someone would go with me to those designer shops, esp. Lanvin, Valentino, and MIU MIU.
anyone wants to accompany me? :)

MORE PICTURES after the break~

22 June 2012

BLOG: Jean Paul Gaultier

so, if you are in the Bay area (near San Francisco) i highly recommend you to go to the deYoung gallery at the Golden Gate Park! haute couture by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER in real life!!!!yes please! i was at the golden gate park on tuesday, however, i did not go...but i will soon! maybe next week! very exciting~~

p.s. i really really want to go to the Alexander McQueen exhibit too!

my sister and I

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the de Young Museum from Mia Nakano on Vimeo.

20 June 2012


so, monday, my family and i were in Oakland to go see X-factor! we got tickets and of course they are free..so why not go and see Britney Spears for free???
it was really fun! my sisters and I got seats on the ground floor--meaning we were right behind the judges! and we were in the aisle where the judge come out. so i saw the pop princess with demi lovato, la reid, and of course the notorious critic simon cowell!
the crowd was huge and hilarious! it was great. i suggest you to see the show this fall...and maybe you'll see me in the audience :)

btw. i love demi lovato's pink dip-dyed hair and her fringe-ombre jacket. also Britney Spears is a barbie doll. she is so pretty! i love her beaded dress too! and I got to touch her! hahahahah

19 June 2012

Trend: Mixed prints

peter pilotto
Ana Sui
from the loud prints of Moschino to the more subdue prints of Lanvin, prints are not just fashion-forward but also in trend. these are pictures from the 2013 resort collections

Be a trend-setter, an bring out those loud printed shirt and pants!!
play with colors, and you would look so chic this summer!!!

all pictures are from style.com
p.s. i have to say mixing patterns is challenging and an ART!
peter pilotto

Rebecca Minkoff

17 June 2012

OUTFIT: Father's day

well, california heat is extremely lethal!!! i can't believe this it's 102*F. i do not like this scorching heat! so, it's father's day and we definitely did not go outside this afternoon to do some grilling! it was already really warm this morning when i took pictures! ahhhhh. well, about my outfit...it's just a really simple summer look..which i really felt like taking off my plaid shirt and just going out unfashionably with a tank top...but i didn't thankfully.

14 June 2012

BIKE SERIES: the inception

Spring of 2012, pressured with upcoming AP tests, the prospect of the future, saving money for college, and just about everything is already dawning upon me.

as a junior in highschool, i have to think about my future in college (even though i would rather not ).
and i have been looking for ways (scholarships, essay contests, art contest, etc.)  that i can help my parents save money. i immediately thought of the ever-rising gas prices (it's crazy)! i really want to help reduce our living costs, since college is really going to be expensive.

So, my love for biking struck me!! i learned how to bike in 7th grade! yes, it was late. it was one of my favorite thing that happened to me here in the united states. moving here from the Philippines gave me so much opportunities in learning new things and actually improve on drawing! i learned how to bike from a little girl's bike--that my parents bought from the thrift store. it wasn't in a very good condition (rusty, broken brakes, etc.) however, it was good enough for me! i learned how to bike with it and i loved the experience!
My first ride-- with a finally stable balance-- was breathtaking.  There was a feeling of freedom. The wind welcomed and enveloped me while I was riding the bike. This newly discovered passion grew within these 5 years.
as you all can deduce from my pictures, i am very short...towering at 5 feet tall. having this height, it is hard for me to buy cheap bikes. and a BIKE is what i NEED in order to help save money, and USE IT in the University!

So, I traversed this challenge with the help from one of my best friends ---the INTERNET. :)

13 June 2012

Givenchy Resort 2013

i cant tell you one thing about this Collection..."MIND-BOGGLING" <-- in a good way
well, Givenchy always gives us something unique, and i would definitely say that they are art pieces.

this collection has really interesting cuts and, i am very intrigued with them! i sew, and i sometimes do not know how certain pieces from fashion shows hold their shapes!!

well i'll just feed you some of my favorites from the collection! tell me what you think!

p.s. from all the resort collections, MIXING PRINTS is definitely the trend!

11 June 2012

OUTFIT: wind was blowin'

this is probably my most favorite dress! i really love the print, the see-through-ness, the structure, and everything!!
i'm not going to deny, though,the sleeves are a little too long and big for my short arms.
my sister bought this dress, but she didn't really fit in it...so it's mine now! hehehe
p.s. the song "Call me Maybe" is inevitably stuck in my head.

07 June 2012

OUTFIT: let's leap!

one of the most popular trend this summer is sporty-chic! people use their trainers, but i think converse shoes are the best! well, i am a bit biased since I absolutely love converse.
well this outfit is one my to-go look for school: a blazer, jeans, and converse = i am ready to go!

i might go on a picnic today! yay. i just have to prepare the stuff... -__-

06 June 2012

Prada beauties

I don't know about you, but I am extremely obsessed with Prada accessories from S/S 2012 collection.  i think these pieces are those kind of pieces that will be sought after 50 years from now. the artistic aspect of it is absolutely divine. plus i have been quite obsessed with cars from the 50s!!

pictures from VOGUE ITALIA

more instagram pics of vintage cars after the break!

05 June 2012


we all know fashion is an art. yet many people, sadly, perceive that fashion accompanies being thin--not healthy thin but deadly thin. models don't have to be thin. we can see Beyonce, Guinevere, Crystal Rene, and many others are not super thin, yet they are prominent in the fashion world.
fashion should not be the culprit of these
we need to raise awareness and defeat websites that promote anorexia and bulimia.

this is a petition started by VOGUE ITALIA

Crystal Renn


03 June 2012

OUTFIT: Caught in the moment

summer has been great so far. i have finished jane eyre, and i have to say, i really like it.  through the hardest part is upon me, writing an essay. anyway, i love this skirt--ahem it's my older sister's-- hehehe.
i really need more maxi skirts! they are so much breezier and cooler in the summer than wearing shorts or capris or any two-legged piece of clothing.  i have a bit of picture overload, so there's more after the break!

02 June 2012

Summer sandals

3.1 Philip Lim $470

3.1 Philip Lim $395
gladiator sandals and thong sandals? I say these simple silhouettes would soon dominate women's feet!
though they are quite simple in design, I have seen so many with eye-popping colors!
certainly these Philip Lims are for people that have rich parents... so the H&M and COS ones are very nice alternatives.
i have to say i LOVE these Philip Lims and my favorite H&M one is the one with the clear strip

the shoes will overload you after the click here