30 May 2012

OUTFIT: Summer bloom

summer vacation is here --i've been in vacation for almost 5 days now...--so i have been slacking on blogging, BUT not on reading!! i'm almost done with Jane Eyre. It's a really good book! pretty decent for a classic! hahahaa hopefully i would be able to write a powerful essay about it! ahhhhhh

p.s. i blend with these flowers~~lol

25 May 2012

OUTFIT: Hair bows are my weapon

GUESS What?!!? school is OUT! he he ehe.. yay!!!! well, i still don't want to look at my summer work, so let's talk about my outfit. this is my usual  outfit for school! and these shoes are my favorite! i got it from the thrift store and they are leather! love love love it!

19 May 2012

spring colors

well as you all know...i am obsessed with Cambridge satchels!! the well-structured bags are so classic but so unique with vibrant colors-fluro,metallic, classic, etc and this spring they have come out with new ones!!!! exciting!!!! and as Lady Gaga said in her 'Marry the Night' video... MINT IS GOING TO BE HUGE THIS SPRING/SUMMER

i really love the pastel colors and the new metallic ones!! also that baby blue patent satchel...OBSESSED.

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18 May 2012

summer vacation is coming...

summer can't come any slower! i am finished with my AP tests, however, i still have to battle with finals this coming week. well, i have been super stressed this past 2 weeks. and summer is just bringing more time with stresses of summer work.
Bring it on Jane Eyre (i have to read this loooong book) good luck to me.

05 May 2012

OUTFIT: Sunday Drama

well this is my outfit from one of those Sunday pictorials after church (from last last last week). that is all.

04 May 2012


well i have amazing news!! i won the district challenge #4 in from CAPITOL COUTURE
for those of you who don't know--capitol couture is a website made for Hunger Games... it's the fashion forward website promoting fashion in Panem.
THIS IS SO EXCITING! i never really thought i would win and i just did it for fun! OMGGGG
i can't contain my happiness!
Winners of the challenges