02 March 2012


oh-my-goodness. Balmain has to-die-for clothes in this collection.
the edge is mixed with very lady-like floral patterns--it reminds me of Marie Antoinette in modern-day high fashion . You will see pops of pastel colors.
The designs are really interesting.


i really love the mint-colored accents on this dress, it's lovely put together with the unexpected edge created by the laces. Mint+Gold is just amazing, it should be my color palette for my wardrobe this spring(need to find some new clothing).
really light pastel pink. I just died from looking at the detailing on this jacket. Pearls+Crystals+Light Pink Leather +gold buckle = Jonna just collapsed.

last thoughts: the aesthetic design of these are just simply immaculate. there is no denying about the adroit skills of the people behind this collection. I am in love (but i'm still too committed to Alexander McQueen)

as usual...check this uh-mazing collection at VOGUE


  1. love balamain so much!
    i want whole collection!!

    have a nice week(:


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