07 March 2012


Oh-my-goodness-gracious-liscious-ness. My obsession with the art of fashion is greatly reinforced by Alexander McQueen.  the intricate and convoluted details of the clothing in this collection stimulates my mind. I have been looking forward to this collection and Alexander McQueen never fails to amaze, not just me, everyone.
the commitment and pure genius of Sarah Burton and her team just shines through all the pieces. i can never find the right words to describe McQueen Collections.


these following looks gave me the impression of the lovely corals under the sea!

i am in love with the color of this dress and how it catches the light, forming interesting shadows.

the collection is filled with fur, ruffles, feathers with metallic accents that greatly added the modernistic aspect of McQueen. the looks are incredibly amazing and undeniable talent behind the designs is genius.

definitely check it out at VOGUE

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