26 February 2012

Shoe Art: BLUE and ORANGE

since spring is just lurking behind me right now. It has been (generally) warming up here in California..i should add Northern California, because apparently it is 90*F in Los Angeles.  The refreshing breeze is back with the warm sun! i really really love spring.

vibrant colors are usually saved for summer, but why not have a statement piece with really piercing colors in your outfit?

these are my sketches. I used watercolor and ink pens.

these are jeffrey-campbell-litas-inspired. I think it is time to have sequins of the Litas. No?
adorable bear with some fierce royal blue shoes. :) I'm actually drawing shoes using complementary colors (thus there's the orange and blue)


  1. very cool! did you do this designs?
    xoxo ;*


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