18 February 2012

NYFW: Marchesa

OK. Marchesa. I was speechless!
the elegance just stunned me!
my only wish it to be in a Marchesa dress right now...(i actually wish I have a Marchesa dress to wear for prom...at least i have a lovely dress even though I don't have a partner right?)
the ethereal colors used are so...exquisite.
well here we go!!!

this is just so dreamy!!!!i feel like this model is  a fairy!
this is my dream dress when i become enthroned as a queen.
this is my dream dress when i become a princess(before I become a queen)
this is going to be my dress when i become reincarnated.  (actually can someone make my dream please and send this dress--i am absolutely in need of this dress for prom--a once in a lifetime event btw.)
i am just going to become a mermaid right now.
i am an emperor's wife.

i don't even know what i need to become to wear this dress.

well, i just bombarded this post with pictures that made me speechless. here are some more indescribable dresses from Marchesa at Vogue.

go and see them!!!!

side note: i can't wait to see Alexander McQueen in Paris Fashion Week!

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