19 February 2012

NYFW: Jeremy Scott

the fun and quirky: Jeremy Scott!
this collection features eccentric clothing--as expected from Jeremy Scoot-- but heyy.. they are works of art and they are "quite wearable!"

the makeup+hair+eccentric clothes+vibrant colors = RAINBOW HEAVEN.  that's what i would categorize this collection. a rainbow heaven.


the smiley faces are a WIN!  this would just brighten up any day for me! i love it!!!!!!! vibrant blue lipstick is chic!

this sparkly shirt would just go straight to my guilty-pleasures list. i would admit that this is not a timeless piece for you fashion investors but who cares... i love love love.

those two are my faves....these following ones are just... a little "tacky" for my taste.

well go to VOGUE for more Jeremy Scott. It is a collection worth seeing. :)

1 comment:

  1. His collections are always so much fun to watch... So creative!!


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