22 February 2012


first of all...i will admit that Ana Sui is one of my most favorite designer labels along with Alexander McQueen and Marchesa.
 this collection is no exception to my infatuation with Ana Sui.
and i have no more words...


those leggins are in the odd color, however they are still gorgeous.  The print of the dress is lovely!!! that embellished vest...just amazing!!!

that knitted hat is so adorable!!! i'm not really sure if it's an owl or the bird in Rio.  Also i love the fact that all her models smile!
the makeup is definitely fierce and unique!! often in fashion shows, the makeup is usually understated or overstated. This one thought IS understated yet it's also overstated. i don't know if that make sense...but let's just say it has character. the shirt, and the jewelry is pretty amazing!!
i love the nail color. and i love her face.
pink leggings+these shoes= OMG I LOVE.
the bag-especially the tassel- is just ahhhhhhhhhhhyyy waaant!! The belt is a really lovely accessory that bring together the skirt and the shirt.

the retro round glasses are bringing HarryPotter-chic!! the beading on the red shirt is so intricate and lovely!!!
the details....so gorgeous!!!!
the collar trend is going to be carried over to the upcoming fall and winter.  I absolutely love the peter pan collar!

there are so much more of the collection at VOGUE!!!

there's a boho chic and retro feel on this collection(as always)

**i would be surprised when Ana Sui brings out a collection of modern geometric and structured dresses with cool leather jackets!!

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