27 February 2012

MFW: Moschino

this collection is so.... Moschino? if you know what i mean.  there is still the fun factor that Moschino has but of course it's very toned down ---unlike Moschino Cheap and Chic. Milan Fashion Week, so far, has not been very interesting for me. I went super crazy during London Fashion Week and how many collections i very very much adored. In contrast Milan Fashion Week has the famous high-end designer labels like Prada, Fendi, and Gucci. I wasn't pleased with any shows of the three.

anyways, here are my
this outfit reminds me of a woman-version of Karl Lagerfeld.
i really like the tweed but edgy jacket, and of course i love the leather pants.
this collection had so much color-blocking.  I like color-blocking, but i think we need a fresher trend.  in any case, i love the MOSCHINO belt, a really nice variation from the black one.  those quilted "fanny-packs" are sooo chic.
ahhh..i am in love with this clutch..i really am obsessed with studs but the MOSCHINO strap just caught me.
this is one of the most adorable looks!!! it has the old-hollywood glamour and i like the black and gold print.
this is the same shoe from the look above. and i am obsessed. it reminds me a little of Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania --the Melissa plastic ankleboots (which i adore!!).  ahhh this is just amazing.
the fun side of Moschino transformed in a very lady-like mask.

again, check it out at VOGUE


  1. Nice collection :P Great blog! I follow you! :D xx

    1. i love and thank you for your support! :))


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