25 February 2012

MFW: Just Cavalli

I'm not too crazy about the overall looks...but it's for sure that I am crazy about the clothing pieces.

this is actually the one that i loved the overall look.  the leggings are just uh-mazing. and of course you can never go wrong with wearing a lovely knit. but again, this is a fashion show--so we might as well give the audience va-va-voom looks, not  street-style, normal looks.
just give me glitter shoes, and I will love you forever.  This one is no exception to my glitter-shoes-lust. Seriously they are just statement pieces.  especially this one. the pink soles that are peeking out is just adorable.

ahhhh! i  loveeeeee...
ok. now. seriously. I. AM. JUST. DYING. i want want want these ankle boots!

well that's all that really caught my eyes in this collection. I wouldn't have made a post on it but since it had my most coveted wardrobe essential (glitter shoes) the collection is worth seeing for a brief moment.

well nonetheless, check it out at VOGUE

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