23 February 2012

LFW: McQ Aexander McQueen

even though this is just the McQ line...the collection is as amazing as will the Alexander McQueen fashion show on Paris Fashion Week.
this collection has the 30s-40s military style (which I am in love with) and the romantic dresses that are just jaw-dropping gorgeous.

beware my favorites will definitely be long.


and there it is. the military-chic is on.  The belt and the shoes are just so fierce against this military canvas created by the simple skirt and coat.

this is just too chic.
and we are entering the transition to the real intricate McQueen.  that coat will definitely go to my I-NEED-IT List (which is just started right now :P)
and there it is. the toned-down McQueen. sigh. i am just infatuated with this whole collection.  I am sooo in love with McQueen...as a matter of fact I WILL work for Alexander McQueen. that's my dream.
and here man-chic style! come on, why can't all guys wear these and actually be fashionably-chic.
this is so english-romantic. the lace and the plaid together is so modern (with the help, of course, of leather accessories.)
here are the full-blown modern, Victorian-romantic, dresses.  i love the ankle boots!!! sooooo chic!

can someone make my dream come true...please let me wear this dress on prom, and my 18th birthday, and when I graduate, and i dont even know....BUT  i will take this dress any time over that Marchesa dress. ahhh I DIE.

this is so romantic! i absolutely love the shoes and that autumn-leafed dress is so gorgeous.
Sarah Burton, You ARE the best.

check out this gorgeous collection that I die for at VOGUE

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  1. Lovely collection!

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