21 February 2012

LFW: Burberry Prorsum

this collection features heavy fall/winter outfits, yet the styling is so flattering! anyone would not get lost under the amounts of fabric to keep warm.
so London chic!


this is my favorite out of the whole collection! first of all the jacket--the gold zippers and buttons complements the biker-chic look of it!! then the mustard gloves-snakeskin gloves in mustard yellow(hello that's so unique)! the belt is just a lovely accessory giving an earthy color that matches with the shoes!!

the jacket is one of those necessary wool+fur ones that you need in London or NY...even though i'm in California, I absolutely want one!  We can see the color scheme or popping colors: MUSTARD. the bow belt is just adorable..and i haven't seen any in mustard color--i always see one in red though.  the owl--just exceptional..it keeps the owl trend going!
first of all, i love those shoes. This look is very simple, no complications. The drapery was perfectly balanced  by a bow belt(again unique color and just plain adorable) giving the model curves!!!the bag is also a lovely complement to the natural color scheme.
bulky winter jacket transformed into a chic clothing with that belt!the shoes are so English--oxford high heels.

this collection made me swoon on accessories and jackets.  the skirts are nicely ruffled but its a normal design that can be found on any department store. However, as always, I love Burberry.

moooreee.... at VOGUE

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