19 February 2012

LFW: Bora Asku

this collection has very dull and tamed colors with subtle details... This is a real contrast to the bright and vivid colors we are seeing from other designers.
This is why it caught my eye!


the sheer brown fabric over a pink undershirt creates a really great dynamic that adds to the character of the shirt. i have to say, the print of that shirt is just elegant. the skirt--I LOVE the color! the pale sheer pleated fabric is just lovely.

ohhh..i am obsessed with this dress! it is just plain lovely. the leggings are interesting (in a good way)
the shoes. the dress. the leggings!!!! ahhh
the collar + the strong shoulders= trendsetter!
look at the subtle details! super lovely!!!

as always there are more at VOGUE!!! i love this collection because it stays true to the color scheme.

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