29 February 2012

Leap Year: instagram lookback

2012... we have a leap year! happy birthday to those who don't have birthdays every year! :)

here are some pictures of my daily life...well mostly pictures from my instagram. follow me if you have one : @jonnachi

this is my drawing inspired by Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald.

look at how lovely my loose braids are...unfortunately i can't have this hairstyle since it would fall out after a second..
look at the flowering trees...it's definitely the start of spring!

28 February 2012


this was Sunday, after Church. just my  outfit. HAIL colored pants.

and this is my adorable photographer!

27 February 2012

MFW: Moschino

this collection is so.... Moschino? if you know what i mean.  there is still the fun factor that Moschino has but of course it's very toned down ---unlike Moschino Cheap and Chic. Milan Fashion Week, so far, has not been very interesting for me. I went super crazy during London Fashion Week and how many collections i very very much adored. In contrast Milan Fashion Week has the famous high-end designer labels like Prada, Fendi, and Gucci. I wasn't pleased with any shows of the three.

anyways, here are my
this outfit reminds me of a woman-version of Karl Lagerfeld.
i really like the tweed but edgy jacket, and of course i love the leather pants.
this collection had so much color-blocking.  I like color-blocking, but i think we need a fresher trend.  in any case, i love the MOSCHINO belt, a really nice variation from the black one.  those quilted "fanny-packs" are sooo chic.
ahhh..i am in love with this clutch..i really am obsessed with studs but the MOSCHINO strap just caught me.
this is one of the most adorable looks!!! it has the old-hollywood glamour and i like the black and gold print.
this is the same shoe from the look above. and i am obsessed. it reminds me a little of Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania --the Melissa plastic ankleboots (which i adore!!).  ahhh this is just amazing.
the fun side of Moschino transformed in a very lady-like mask.

again, check it out at VOGUE

26 February 2012

Shoe Art: BLUE and ORANGE

since spring is just lurking behind me right now. It has been (generally) warming up here in California..i should add Northern California, because apparently it is 90*F in Los Angeles.  The refreshing breeze is back with the warm sun! i really really love spring.

vibrant colors are usually saved for summer, but why not have a statement piece with really piercing colors in your outfit?

these are my sketches. I used watercolor and ink pens.

these are jeffrey-campbell-litas-inspired. I think it is time to have sequins of the Litas. No?
adorable bear with some fierce royal blue shoes. :) I'm actually drawing shoes using complementary colors (thus there's the orange and blue)

25 February 2012

MFW: Just Cavalli

I'm not too crazy about the overall looks...but it's for sure that I am crazy about the clothing pieces.

this is actually the one that i loved the overall look.  the leggings are just uh-mazing. and of course you can never go wrong with wearing a lovely knit. but again, this is a fashion show--so we might as well give the audience va-va-voom looks, not  street-style, normal looks.
just give me glitter shoes, and I will love you forever.  This one is no exception to my glitter-shoes-lust. Seriously they are just statement pieces.  especially this one. the pink soles that are peeking out is just adorable.

24 February 2012

LFW: Meadham Kirchhoff

this is another one of those fun and upbeat collections! so we are absolutely ready for the multicolored clothing, sky-high amounts of glitter, vibrant neon colors and, of course, unique make-up.
well Meadham Kirchhoff won't let this fall/winter season become somber without all this fun stuff!

glitter shoes! I've been wanting Miu Miu Glitter booties and the sneakers... I guess these Meadham Kirchhoff glitter sandals would go in to the list!  i think the skirt is actually a lovely statement piece...you dont really see a lot of sequined-fish-scaled-patterned skirts~

23 February 2012

LFW: McQ Aexander McQueen

even though this is just the McQ line...the collection is as amazing as will the Alexander McQueen fashion show on Paris Fashion Week.
this collection has the 30s-40s military style (which I am in love with) and the romantic dresses that are just jaw-dropping gorgeous.

beware my favorites will definitely be long.


and there it is. the military-chic is on.  The belt and the shoes are just so fierce against this military canvas created by the simple skirt and coat.

this is just too chic.
and we are entering the transition to the real intricate McQueen.  that coat will definitely go to my I-NEED-IT List (which is just started right now :P)
and there it is. the toned-down McQueen. sigh. i am just infatuated with this whole collection.  I am sooo in love with McQueen...as a matter of fact I WILL work for Alexander McQueen. that's my dream.
and here man-chic style! come on, why can't all guys wear these and actually be fashionably-chic.
this is so english-romantic. the lace and the plaid together is so modern (with the help, of course, of leather accessories.)
here are the full-blown modern, Victorian-romantic, dresses.  i love the ankle boots!!! sooooo chic!

can someone make my dream come true...please let me wear this dress on prom, and my 18th birthday, and when I graduate, and i dont even know....BUT  i will take this dress any time over that Marchesa dress. ahhh I DIE.

this is so romantic! i absolutely love the shoes and that autumn-leafed dress is so gorgeous.
Sarah Burton, You ARE the best.

check out this gorgeous collection that I die for at VOGUE

22 February 2012

LFW: Mary Katrantzou

omg! this collection is just pure art and super fun!!!!! i really love the combination of different patterns and the clean cuts that make it soooo modern!


the metallic look of the fabrics give the dress so much dimension--so futuristic-chic!! the shoes are just uhhhh-mazing!!! I DIE.


first of all...i will admit that Ana Sui is one of my most favorite designer labels along with Alexander McQueen and Marchesa.
 this collection is no exception to my infatuation with Ana Sui.
and i have no more words...


those leggins are in the odd color, however they are still gorgeous.  The print of the dress is lovely!!! that embellished vest...just amazing!!!

21 February 2012


Mulberry never fails to amaze fashionistas! i really love the whole collection--fur, leather, earthy colors,studs, and neon! cray cray combinations but they absolutely worked!


i just plainly love the styling of this outfit and of course i love every piece of clothing here.

LFW: Burberry Prorsum

this collection features heavy fall/winter outfits, yet the styling is so flattering! anyone would not get lost under the amounts of fabric to keep warm.
so London chic!


this is my favorite out of the whole collection! first of all the jacket--the gold zippers and buttons complements the biker-chic look of it!! then the mustard gloves-snakeskin gloves in mustard yellow(hello that's so unique)! the belt is just a lovely accessory giving an earthy color that matches with the shoes!!

20 February 2012

LFW: MOSCHINO Cheap & Chic

this is another fun collection!!! many vibrant colors and prints for sure.
this collection just makes me smile~

this is just a really fun dress to war! sequins in pastel colors and furball-trim!! the collar just keeps the collar-trend in full speed!

19 February 2012

LFW: Bora Asku

this collection has very dull and tamed colors with subtle details... This is a real contrast to the bright and vivid colors we are seeing from other designers.
This is why it caught my eye!


the sheer brown fabric over a pink undershirt creates a really great dynamic that adds to the character of the shirt. i have to say, the print of that shirt is just elegant. the skirt--I LOVE the color! the pale sheer pleated fabric is just lovely.

NYFW: Jeremy Scott

the fun and quirky: Jeremy Scott!
this collection features eccentric clothing--as expected from Jeremy Scoot-- but heyy.. they are works of art and they are "quite wearable!"

the makeup+hair+eccentric clothes+vibrant colors = RAINBOW HEAVEN.  that's what i would categorize this collection. a rainbow heaven.


the smiley faces are a WIN!  this would just brighten up any day for me! i love it!!!!!!! vibrant blue lipstick is chic!

18 February 2012

NYFW: Marchesa

OK. Marchesa. I was speechless!
the elegance just stunned me!
my only wish it to be in a Marchesa dress right now...(i actually wish I have a Marchesa dress to wear for prom...at least i have a lovely dress even though I don't have a partner right?)
the ethereal colors used are so...exquisite.
well here we go!!!

this is just so dreamy!!!!i feel like this model is  a fairy!
this is my dream dress when i become enthroned as a queen.
this is my dream dress when i become a princess(before I become a queen)
this is going to be my dress when i become reincarnated.  (actually can someone make my dream please and send this dress--i am absolutely in need of this dress for prom--a once in a lifetime event btw.)
i am just going to become a mermaid right now.
i am an emperor's wife.

i don't even know what i need to become to wear this dress.

well, i just bombarded this post with pictures that made me speechless. here are some more indescribable dresses from Marchesa at Vogue.

go and see them!!!!

side note: i can't wait to see Alexander McQueen in Paris Fashion Week!