31 July 2011

Trend: Sheer Blouses

so it's still summer, and sheer blouses are perfect!!!
of course there are a lot of different kinds of sheer blouses with different kinds of patterns so have fun with them!!!
so here are some from fashiolista!

Translation: Filipino (Tagalog)

so summer pa rin dito at laging summer naman sa pilipinas!!! sheer blouses ay perfect sa tag-init!!
madaming iba ibang tipo nang mga sheer blouses kaya maging creative kayo gamit yung mga blouses!
eto ang mga sheer blouses sa Fashiolista!

sheers | Fashiolista

this is Andy with her sheer blouse!

eto si Andy kasama ang kanyang sheer blouse!

this is Ivelina with hers.

eto si Ivelina.

here's a sneak peak of the coming post!!

eto ang susunod na post ko!

30 July 2011

Inspirations : Rebirth

well... the rebirth of my blog has come!!!
i haven't been here in more than a year and this will be dedicated to fashion!!
So here are my inspirations for the day!

Roberto Cavalli!!!

all photos are from Haute Kills and Aint a Cliche