05 October 2011


ok so.. you might as well know.. i am OBSESSED with Alexander Mcqueen and Marchesa.
but for now here are uhhh-mazing pictures of the McQueen Spring/Summer Fashion Show for 2012!!
i am gawking at the details!!!!!!!!!

11 September 2011

Autumn outfits

here are the different outfits that i have for fall that need a bright statement piece (for school).
I need to strut down the streets with a leather satchel this fall!!WHYYYY are there no stockists in California?!?!

anyways...i absolutely love leather satchels... and based on other reviews the Leather satchel Co is the best--good bag and excellent customer service!

28 August 2011

Shoe Art 2

my shoe art is back!
eto na uli ang mga iginuhit kong sapatos!

23 August 2011

sneak peak: shoe art 2

my future post.. are my shoe designs again!

...i'm not really sure when i will post it. but it will come! hahaha school is very busy now.

hindi ko talaga alam kung kaylan ko ilalagay yung post ! hahaha napaka-busy na ako dahil sa school work.

21 August 2011


i will let the photos speak for me.

hahayaan ko na yung mga litrato na magsalita.

20 August 2011

School Fashion spotlight on... BRAIDED HAIR!!!

Braids are the perfect to-go-look for school! During those hasty, early mornings, we need an easy to do hair style that would keep us away from a Bad Hair Day!  So here are some different looks of braids!
Filipino Translation:
Tirintas ay napaka-perfect na to-go-look para sa eskwelahan! Doon sa mga maaga at madaliang umaga bago pumunta sa eskwela, kailangan natin nang madali at mabilis na hair style para hindi tayo magkaron nang bad hair day! Kaya eto na ang mga iba ibang klase nang tirintas!

braided fringe
braided fringe

fish-tail braids

tugged fishtail braids

French Braids
front of french braids

twist and braids
side view

back view