26 May 2015

self portrait: a college student

2nd year of college came and went. this past semester has been quite rough and has been filled with first times-- both good and bad.  first semester in nursing. first breakdown. first patient. first failed test. first time almost losing my ideal gpa. first time being so disappointed. first time being chill about finals. first time talking to the homeless-- and first time loving it. first time getting an internship. first time being asked for a contact. first time saying "i'm sorry, no." first time studying from morning till the next early morning. first time being incredibly exhausted. and first time feeling like a real adult.

25 November 2014



this semester is coming to an end. some quick highlights:
I never knew I can actually draw the figure. or even have the opportunity to draw nudes.
I am now more aware of social issues.

07 July 2014

#GIRLBOSS ' in my way through life

reading #Girlboss has been clearly entertaining because all the stuff that Sophia Amoruso says are clearly what I have been doing in my life... well kind of... except I'm not yet a CEO... hahahha
no really though. 
you'll know what I mean when you read it. 
Regardless, I really think that it's a very empowering book and every high school girl and college girl should read it, in order to inspire greatness in them.
really, one of biggest improvement in her life was the fact that she outgrew her teenage beliefs and (kind of) extremist philosophies... 
so this is my #girlboss inspired outfit. Dress for yourself and not for anyone else. 
thrifted skirt, thrifted blouse, Nordstrom: chronograph watch, Urban Outfitters: clear sunglasses

30 June 2014

DIY: recycling old clothes - trumpet skirt

this lovely leather skirt is a very quintessential find from thrift stores. so obviously i had to revamp it.
i have been seeing pencil skirts with ruffled hems = aka trumpet skirts. the one above is the Lanvin Floral Lace trumpet Skirt. It is a very classic silhouette that I have adopted in my wardrobe recently because of this DIY.
I like to think that I have been exhibiting signs that I am growing up in my style for I have an unusual attraction with pencil/ midi skirts, paired with pointy-toed stilettos.
also, I really just winged it when I created this skirt. i did not use any patterns, just common sense so evidently it is not in the condition of perfect.
hopefully this has inspired you to do some sewing spontaneously!
1. cut it to your desired length-- just the back. then cut the front part shorter-- to where you want the ruffles to start.
 (this skirt only has ruffled hems in the front-- so party in the front, business in the back)
2. make sure to keep all your trimmings!!!
3. cut your trimmings to the length x. (x is the difference between the length of the back and the length of the front.
4. sew the ruffles on...have fun!

28 June 2014

blending in with the hydrangea

collared shirt - forever 21; fake boy bag (sorry! i would really love to have a real one); fringed platform sandals - Urban Outfitters
i had quite a lot of fun during my time in LA this week.  It was definitely composed of museum visits and of course food!!!
my sisters and I visited the California Science Center and saw the Pompeii exhibit. It was quite a fun trip. Also we then after ate ramen (real ramen!) from Daikokuya in Little Osaka Los Angeles.
and of course, I definitely recommend it... so good.

07 June 2014

lady gaga concert

what do you wear to a Lady Gaga concert? in this case, what do you wear to the ART RAVE?
well, let me enlighten you... Wear what you want what you want on your body, wear what you want and start this party.
regardless of my cheesy anthem song for this post, i do mean it. wear what you want.
honestly everyone (or MOST of the people) that I met at the ART RAVE was dressed up! it's really fun honestly.
this concert has made me embrace the DIY self that's always lurking around in my shadow.-- not that i never embrace it. as a matter of fact, i always embrace this self of mine.
okay back to the topic.
venus/aphrodite, sea shell bikini, garden panty, flower crowns, studded/spiky bras, leather jacket (you can never go wrong with a leather jacket), eros, donatella versace, greek/roman god/goddess,swine, harajuku girl, LADY GAGA herself and her many creative outfits, and even maybe Lady Gaga's dog, ASIA!
seriously, i loved my experience in this concert more than I loved the 1st one--the Born this Way ball--

if you line up early, you'll meet all the people that really looove gaga, and the people that really go all out for their outfits.
honestly, i am sooo sad i didn't get to take a lot of pictures with more people during the line (because i mistakenly thought i had time to go back to the hotel to dress up! my rant is on this post

anyway, if you are daring, and I know many lady gaga fans are quite adventurous with fashion, I want you to recreate this McQueen dress! pleaseeeeee. this dress from McQ fall/winter 2012 was my goal, but as you can tell it didn't happen.

i ended up sewing each flower on my thrifted denim dress, also, these pastel lavender jeffrey campbell creepers saved my life since I wanted to see gaga! my height increase was so much worth the feet aches i had afterward. also I DIYed my poison ivy crown...